Your Partner In Flow Metering

We’re a specialized supplier in the Norwegian Energy market offering flow metering solutions for custody transfer, fiscal, and process applications. Our experienced Project Managers ensure that each project is handled with care from start to finish.

Faure Herman Turbine

The Original Helical Turbine Flormeter for Custody Transfer and fiscal application, also ideal solution solution for downsized applications

Faure Herman Ultrasonic

Quality Ultrasonic flowmeter that is designed to all types of liquids. The new FH sonic will flowmeter soon to be released.


Innovative, quality flow meters for the most demanding applications. A product also suitable for CO2, LNG, Amonia and Hydrogen applications.

Small Volume

SVP is a highly accurate device used for proving liquid flow meters and Turbine meters, with an uncertainty of 0.02%


Mass Flow and Density Measurement. Coriolis flow meters consist of a sensor containing the measurement tubes and a transmitter.

Clamp On

Portable flow meters, user-friendly and for all pipe types, with probes for measuring diameters from DN 6 to DN 10000 mm.


The UF 841 ultrasound flow meter has been specially designed for use in high risk zones, ATEX certified flow meter


An orifice plate is a device used for flow measurement in pipelines by creating a differential pressure drop across a constriction.


A venturi tube is a flow measurement device that consists of a converging section, throat, and diverging section used to measure fluid flow rates.