RADAC- Wave Monitoring

Cutting edgre radar technology + state of the art software = actionable information

The WaveGuide 5 radar measures the distance to the water surface 10 times per second. Proven is that in all wind and wave conditions the standard deviation for water level is only 1 cm. The radar technology is based on Honeywell Enraf core technology used for tank gauging. Mounted high above the water and without any moving parts there is no need for preventive maintenance or cleaning. (Re-)calibration is never required due to the long-term stable zero reference. The system is compact, robust and easy to install. It is suited to accurately measure wave heights and tides, up to the most extreme conditions. The radar comes in two versions: the Compact version and the ATEX certified version.

Dutch company

Radac is a Dutch company, based in Delft. Established in 1996, and develop, manufacture and market the WaveGuide. Their solutions is highly trusted across the industry, based on Honeywell Enraf technology.

Highly accurate wave radar

Radac’s highly accurate wave radar has proven itself for over 20 years. Its easy to use, reliable and robust sensor is particularly suited for the extreme conditions offshore.

Key features

– Maintenance free
– Re-calibration is not required
– Easy installation
– Measuring at 10 Hz
– Network connected
– Up to 5 years of internal data storage
– Suitable for all weather conditions
– Explosion-proof certified (as an option)