Honeywell Enraf Small Volume Prover And Maloney Prover Spheres

Small Volume Prover (SVP)

The Small Volume Prover (SVP) is a unidirectional captive displacement prover. It offers an uncertainty better than API recommendation of 0.02%. It is the best choice for proving liquid Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Positive Displacement, and Turbine meters.
We currently working on a projects where the provers are ATEX/NORSOK customized

Small Volume Prover Controller

The new SVP controller provides real-time monitoring and significantly enhanced operational control for a more precise, reliable and rapid proving cycle.

Maloney Spheres

Maloney Spheres are specially designed and compounded for optimum
resiliency, wear-resistance and long life, evidenced by the thick wall construction.
Maloney Spheres are compression-molded at cavity pressure exceeding 2000 PSI. Maloney do neither pour-cast nor rotational-mold any of their spheres.

Thicker walls, long wear life, premium materials are some key words used to describe Maloney’s Inflatable Prover Spheres. 

Maloney Spheres are used on a number of pipe prover applications offshore Norway.


Maloney's new innovation - Smart Sphere