Automatic Tank Gauging System

The Honeywell Enraf Tank Gauging System is a comprehensive solution for real-time inventory management and level monitoring of liquids in various storage tanks. It consists of sensors, instruments, control units, communication interfaces, and software applications that work together to measure and report product level, temperature, and quality. The system includes multiple measurement technologies and offers alarm management, reporting, and data visualization features. It is suitable for industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and chemicals.

Servo 954

Advancing the Technology of Tank Gauging with Proven Measurement Methods and Advanced Software Algorithms for Enhanced Accuracy and Precision

Radar 990

Honeywell's Enraf® portfolio of high-end radar and servo tank gauges help in accurate level gauging for refineries, tank terminals and petrochemical industries.

VITO Temperature Profil

Temperature gauging systems offer reliability, high accuracy, minimal maintenance cost and easy installation for all types of liquid terminals and storage facilities.

Communicatin Interface Unit

Honeywell's CIU 888 communication interface ensures accurate and reliable tank measurement and inventory data for tank farm operators.

780 SmartLink

The SmartLink converts RS232C/RS485 GPU communication to Bi-Phase Mark field bus for tank terminals, offering scalability and compact design for easy device combination.

ENTIS Tank Inventory system

Entis Tank Inventory Systems from Honeywell Enraf focus on inventory control, custody transfer, oil movement and tank operations within a refinery or storage terminal.

847 Portable Enraf Terminal

The PET is a compact and robust device that allows external access to Honeywell Enraf gauges for easy configuration, commissioning, testing, and servicing of field instruments without taking them out of service

Smart Displays

Enraf smart displays are the ideal companion for the Enraf Servo and Radar, offering clear data viewing, high level diagnostic information, local configuration, either at ground level, on the radar itself, or both.

Enraf Gauging Spare Parts

Easily maintain and upgrade Enraf gauging products with a wide range of spare parts available in mechanical, electrical, and electronics. These parts make maintenance and ensure optimal performance

HERMetic portable tank measuring solutions for land based applications

HERMetic UTImeter Gtex 2000 - Closed Type - Land Applications

HERMetic UTImeter Gtex for Closed Operation

HERMetic UTImeter Otex - Restricted Type - Land Applications

Honeywell HERMetic Sampler

HERMetic Sampler GT & Sampler GT Chem For Marine Applications

HERMetic Sampler GTN For Marine Applications

HERMetic Sampler GT4 - Land Applications

Ballast Water Sampler

HERMetic Sampler GTX For Marine Applications

HERMetic Sampler GT1 For Marine Applications

HERMetic Sampler GT & Sampler GT Chem - Land Applications

HERMetic Samplers for Restricted Operations

HERMetic Sampler GT4 - Land Applications

HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem - Land Applications

Honeywell HERMetic Valves

Honeywell HERMetic Valves

HERMetic Valves for gauging and sampling

HERMetic Compact valves are specially designed to support all
portable HERMetic equipment with HERMetic quick connector
and represent the base for the zero-ullage reference when
installed at the appropriate height. They ensure a safe and reliable
operation of all portable HERMetic units certified for use in
classified areas. They are available in three different size 1 inch,
2 inch and 4 inch.